Remarkable famous beds

In many ancient beds the woodwork became of less importance, generally being entirely covered by hangings of rich materials. Silk, velvet and even cloth of gold were frequently used. The baldachin provided privacy and protection against drafts and insects. The bed was made of oak or local wood.
tudor bed Tudor bed
(1558 íŽ 1603)
Tudor furniture was made of oak or wood which was obtained locally, highly ornate, carved and heavy
Great Bed of Ware (1590)
Great Bed of Ware
Probably built for an inn at Ware, Hertfordshire, UK.
The Melville Bed (1700)
The Melville Bed was commissioned by George Melville, 1st Earl of Melville, for his new house in Fife.
The hintonhouse bed (1700)
The hintonhouse bed was commissioned around 1700 by the first Earl Powlett ) for Hinton House, Somerset, for a planned visit by Queen Anne.
Chippendale bed (1718 - 1779)
The designs of Thomas Chippendale cover a wide range of styles, from Rococo to Gothic and oriental style.
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Badminton Chines bed (1750)
The Badminton Chinese bed
regency style bed Regency style bed
(1800 - 1830)
bed Louis XIV Bed Louis XIV
bed Bauhaus Bed Bauhaus


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