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Thomas Chippendale style furniture

1718 - 1779

The designs of Thomas Chippendale cover a wide range of styles, from Rococo to Gothic and oriental style. He died in 1779 and his business in London was carried on by his son, also named Thomas.
Thomas Chippendale became the first cabinet-maker to publish a book of his designs in 1754, titled :

"The Gentlemen and Cabinet-Maker's Director"

"The Gentlemen and Cabinet-maker's Director" shows 4 main styles:
-English with deep carving
-French rococo in the style of Louis XV furniture
-Chinese style with latticework and lacquer
-Gothic with pointed arches, quatrefoils and fret-worked legs.

Chippendale's designs were widely copied, and his "Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director" was used heavily by other cabinet makers.
Many Chippendale pieces have cabriole legs, shell motifs, claw-and-ball foot.
Chippendale style pieces were crafted from mahogany, walnut, cherry or maple.
Window chair Mirror in Chippendale style Chippendale style chair Chair in Chippendale style Chippendale coffee table Card Table

Armchair Chippendale style
Bed Chippendale style Chippendale sofa Hall table drawer Chippendale style armchair Chair Chippendale style

Chippendale dressing table Bed in Chippendale style Mirror in Chippendale style Chippendale table nests Chippendale Mirror Table in Chippendale style



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