armchair, bed, bronze dore's scones, ten branch chandelier and commode in

Empire style furniture

19th century

Empire is an early 19th century style of architecture and furniture design during the rule of France by Napoleon I (1769 - 1821) who became Emperor (1804 - 1814).
The Empire style was based on aspects of the Roman Empire. It is the second phase of neoclassicism which is also called "Directoire", after a governement system.
Furniture typically had symbols and ornaments borrowed from the glorious ancient Greek and Roman empires.
The furniture was made from heavy woods such as mahogany and ebony, imported from the colonies, with dark finishes often with decorative bronze mounts. Marble tops were popular as were Egyptian motifs like sphinxes, griffins, urns and eagles and the Napoleonic symbols, the eagle, the bee, the initials "I" and a large "N."
Gilded bronze (ormolu) details displayed a high level of craftsmanship.

Empire arm chair

bed, Empire style


bronze dore's scones chandelier



bronze centre table




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armchair in Empire style

Empire style Armchair, 1800

bed in Empire style

Empire style bed, 1820

bed in Empire style

Empire style Bed

bronze scones in Empire style

Empire style Bronze dore's scones, 18th century

10 branche chandelier, Empire style

Empire style Ten branch chandelier

commode in Empire style

Empire style Commode, 1810

bronze centre table in Empire style

Empire style Bronze centre table


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