dinnerplate dresser, cabinet, chiffonier, wall clock and a milk bench in

Irish style furniture

Very few pieces of art of the early oak furniture, made before the 17the century, survived because of the burning and pillaging of many of the invaders of the Irish isle.
Irish furniture made during the early eighteenth century has low relief carvings of eagles' heads, rosettes, winged birds lions' masks, goblin heads, scallop shells and baskets of flowers.Shell motifs are common on chairs, settees, and tables. Plainer Irish furniture and often more elegant type existed concurrently.
By the late 18th Century, when Irish furniture followed London fashions closely, Mahogany and satinwood from the West Indies and South America reached Ireland. The Irish Georgian furniture may also have deep carvings of masks along with hairy paw feet.

plate dresser cabinet wall clock chiffonier plate dresser milk bench


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