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Shakers style furniture

Founded in 1747 in Manchester, England, the Shakers are a religious group of people who sought greater meaning in life. They became known as Shaking Quakers. They believed that every object in the home should have a function and that decoration was unnecessary. The shakers handcrafted wooden furniture is in a limited colour palette of red, blue, yellow and blue-green. Shaker furniture is widely admired for its simplicity and functionality. Shakers made furniture for their own use, as well as for sale to the general public. Shaker design have given inspiration to some of the finest designers of modern furniture.
Shaker style furniture is generally made from maple, and to a lesser extent, cherry, birch, and walnut.

Shaker style clock 4 shelfs comode Shaker style Shaker style side table 2 drawers wooden box Shaker style  
Shaker style bed Shaker style boxes chairs in Shaker style    



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 clock in Shaker style

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2 drawers wooden box, Shaker style furniture

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 bed in Shaker style furniture

Bed in Shaker style


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