chair, table, vitrine and cabinet in

Spanish style furniture

 Chair backs are high and wide. Chests and cabinetry are Carved from walnut, cedar, cypress and mesquite.
Spanish style furniture is decorated with fine leather and wrought iron. Inlays of ebony, ivory, silver and tortoise shell are seen in tabletops and in cabinetry.
Spanish furniture-makers were influenced by the Moorish styles that had become a part of their history since 711, but also by other european furniture designs.
Spanish style furniture is usually well built and solid.
chair table 18th century vitrine 18th century cabinet 18th century


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chair in Spanish furniture style


table in Spanish furniture style

Table, 18th century

vitrine in Spanish furniture style

Vitrine, 18th century

cabinet in Spanish furniture style

Cabinet, 18th century

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