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Gustav Stickley, was the key figure of this era. Stickley had a chair factory in the 1880c. He saw the products of the English Arts and Crafts movement and the French Art Nouveau.
He launched The Craftsman magazine. Gustav Stickley is known today as the creator of Craftsman progressive furniture designs in ammonia-fumed quartersawn white oak in subtle, plain designs.
Most famous is the Stickley chair.
Hammered metal hardware, in armor-bright polished iron or patinated copper emphasized the handmade qualities of furniture which was fabricated using both handworking techniques and modern woodworking machinery within Stickley's Eastwood factory, New York (now a part of Syracuse, New York). Dyed leather, canvas, terry cloth and other upholstery materials complemented the designs.
The "Gustav Stikley" furniture had a general decline after WW1. In recent years, Stickley style has become popular once more.
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