Chinese antique tea cabinet, commode, table, porcelain plate, screen, pen box, stone pool, chairs and cabinet in

Chinese antique furniture

Chinese furniture from 1700 to 20th century. Jiangxi province, Fujian, Shanxi, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Dongyang, Yunnan, Linhai and Qing dynasty.
Chinese commode 19th century China table lap desk Chinese style Chin windows Chinese jade screen China porcelain
China pen box coffee table in Chinese style coffee table in Chinese style small China cabinet stone pool porcelain China plate
Chinese cloth China wooden box 4 drawers Shanxi cabinet Shanxi table China small cabinet Chinese chairs
China cabinet bronze hardware China Fujian cabinet small cabinet 1900 Fujian China cabinet Cinese Fujian table chairs China style
Shanxi cabinet China Fujian cabinet Linhai Chinese cabinet Chinese dinner table Liaoning cabinet Chinese cabinet
China porcelain box China table Jiangsu cabinet Zhejiang cabinet Zhejiang cabinet Dongyang cabinet


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19 th century painted commode in China style

Commode 19 th century

bamboo table in China style

lap desk 19 th century in China style
China table Box 19 th century

19 th century windows in chins style

Screen, 1820

19 th century embed jade screen in China style

Screen with jade, 1850

1700, porcelain in China style

  1900, pen box in China style
China porcelain, 1700 Pen box, 1900

1900, coffee table in China style

  1900, coffee table in China style
Coffee table from 1900  

1880, small cabinet in China style

stone pool in China style
Small China cabinet, 1880 Stone pool

1850, porcelain plate in China style

  cloth in China style
Porcelain plate, 1850 China cloth

wooden box with 4 drawers in China style

4 drawer Chinese wooden box, 1900

Shanxi cabinet, 1850, China style

Shanxi cabinet, 1850

19 th century Chinees Shanxi style table

Shanxi Table, 1850

1910, Chinees Shanxi style small cabinet

Shanxi Small Cabinet, 1910

19 th century from Shanxi Province chairs

Jiangxi Province, 1870

1890 Jinagxi style cabinet

  19 th century Chinees Fujian style cabinet
1890, Jinagxi small cabinet, bronze hardware

1880, Fujian small cabinet


1900, Shanxi style cabinet

  1900, Fujian style cabinet
Shanxi small cabinet, 1900

Fujian style, 1900



1900, Fujian style table

Fujian Table, 1900

19 th century Jiangxi province cabinet


1850, Shanxi style cabinet

  1900, Fujian style small cabinet
Shanxi cabinet, 1850

Fujian small cabinet, 1900



Linhai style cabinet, 1900

Linhai style dinner table, 1850
Linhai Cabinet, 1900

Linhai Dinner Table, 1850

Liaoning style cabinet with porcelain flowers, 1900

Liaoning style cabinet
with porcelain flowers, 1900

Liaoning Cabinet, 1900

Liaoning Cabinet, 1900

Porcelain, Qing dynasty,1820

  Yunnan style Table, 1880
Porcelain, Qing dynasty, 1820

Yunnan style Table, 1880


Jiangsu style, 1900

  Zhejiang Small Cabinet, 1910
Jiangsu style, 1900

Zhejiang style Small Cabinet, 1910


Zhejiang Small Cabinet, 1900

  Zhejiang Small Cabinet, 1900
Zhejiang Small Cabinet, 1900

Dongyang style, 1900


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