The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale


Plate XXVII.

Is a Bed with its proper dimentions, which needs but a little explanation. B is a different cornice to be covered with the fame as the curtains; aaa, c. is the lath with pullies fixed to draw the curtains up with.

Chippendale bed


Is a Gothic Bed with a drapery Curtain; the posts are made into eight cants, and indented: B is one fourth part of the tester; aa is the frame length as AA, whith must go from corner to corner of the bedstead, to form the roof; this done, you have the corners or hips form'd. Divide the length AA as you see it, and then raise two perpendiculars up to B, and divide that length into the same number of divisions as AA below, that gives the sweep of the ribs ccc, c. The curtain is drawn up by one line on each fide, as you see the pullies fixed at the corner. The other parts need no explanation.

Chippendale Gothic bed

Plate XXIX.

Is a Gothic Bed the same as the former, except the tester, which is flat. This cornice will look extremely well, if properly work'd. A is the tester lath; ccc, c. are the pullies where the lines are fixed; B is an ornament to be made of the lace or binding of the furniture.

Chippendale Gothic bed

Plate XXX.

Is a Canopy-Bed with drapery curtains and vallens, and head-board. The dimentions are all fix'd to the design. A is one-fourth of the tester; C is a small oval dome in the inside, which begins at B; D is the outside canopy; HH are srets or ornaments to decorate the inside; ee are the double laths; f is the bed-post; g is the side of the bedstead; kkk, c. is the place where the pullies are to be fixed to draw the curtains up with.

Chippendale bed

Plate XXXI.

Is a Dome-Bed, the sides of the dome and the cornice I have form'd into an elliptical form, to take off the seeming weight which a bed of this kind has. when the cornice runs straight. There are four dragons going up from each corner; the curtains and vallens are all in drapery. The head-board has an small Chinefe Temple, with a jofs, or Chinefe God; on each side is a Chinese man at worship; the outside of the dome is intended to be japan'd, and Mosaic work drawn upon it; the other ornaments to be gilt; but that is left to the will of thofe, who shall please to have it executed. AA is one quarter of the tester, or plan with the ribs that are to form the dome; the distance AA in the plan, is the distance AA in the profile above, which divided in the manner you see, will serve to make all the other ribs. Take the distance A bbb, C. and set off at aa; its rise is taken from the middle of the cornice to the greatest height or pitch of the dome, and divided into the same number of divisions; and then observing where they intersect in the upper profile of the rib, or hip, make them intersect in the fame division as below, which method serves to make all the rest.

Chippendale doom bed

Plate XXXII.

Is a Chinese Bed, the curtains and the vallens are tied up in drapery, the tester is canted at each corner, which makes a sort of an elliptical ornament or arch, and if well executed will look very well.
F is a quarter of the tester, with srets cut through, and the covering seen betwixt. G is one-fourth of the oval dome, and E is the profile of it. D is the outside canopy, and the cant of the corner in the plan F is continued up the corner of the canopy, B is the lath and ornament below it; A is the profele of the cant of the corner of the tester, which terminates into a point upon the post; C is the bed-post.

Chippendale Chinese bed
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