The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale


Plate LX, LXI, LXII.

Are three Library Book-Cases of different sorts, with their dimentions and mouldings all fixed to the designs. If you have occasion to alter their sizes, it would be well to keep as nigh the fame proportion as posible; otherwise the upper doors may have but an ill appearance. It would be needless to say any thing more about them, as their forms are fo easy.

Those Book-cases are all intended for glass doors.

Chippendale bookcase
Chippendale bookcase
Chippendale bookcase

Plate LXIII.

Plate LXIII is a library Book-Case with all its dimentions.

Chippendale library bookcase

Plate LXV.

Plate LXV is a library Book-Case. The dimentions are all fix'd to the design.

Chippendale bookcase

Plate LXVII.

Plate LXVII is a library Book-Case, with its frofile and scale.

Chippendale bookcase

Plate LXIX.

Plate LXIX is a Library Book-Case in Perspective; the dimentions are all fixed to the design.

Chippendale bookcase

Plate LXXI.

Plate LXXI is a neat Gothic Library Book-Case, with a frofile and scale. This book-case, made by an ingenious workman, will have the difired effect.

Chippendale Gothic bookcase


Plate LXXIII is a Gothic Library Book-Case, no way inferior to the foregoingone; the profile and scale is on the right hand.

Chippendale Gothic bookcase

Plate LXXV.

Plate LXXV is a rich Gothic Library Book-Case, with Gothic columns fix'd upon the doors, to open with them; the doors are different, but may be made alike if required. This design is perhaps one of the best of its kind, and would give me great pleasure to see it executed, as I doubt not of its making an exceeding genteel and grand appearance; the upper doors are to be glazed.

Chippendale Gothic bookcase
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