The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale


Plate XXV.

Is a Chinese Sofa with a canopy over it, with its curtaind and vallens all tied up in drapery. This design may be converted into bed, by having the Sofa fo made as to come forward, the curtains to draw to the front of the Sofa, and hang floping, which will form a fort of tent, and look very grand. The ornaments are disigned for burnished gold. B is half the canopy; A the lath the cutains hangs to; C the profile of the wood work; D an ornament that goes round the inside; E the French work, and ff the lats that are required.

Chippendale Chinese sofa

Plate XXVI.

Is a Chinese Sofa, intended for the same use as the former; the design is different from the other, and if well executed by an ingenious workman, it can't fail of giving content.

Chippendale Chinese sofa
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