The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale

Cloth Chests and Cases

Plates XCVI. XCVII (no 97) and XCVIII.

Cloaths Press or Chests, which need no description, their measures being all fixed to the designs, and the use of them is well known.


Plate XCIX

A Cloaths-Press, and a Cloaths-Chest; the cloaths-Press has two doors, of different designs; the dimentions are all properly fix'd.


Plates C and CI.

Three other designs of Cloaths Chests; one with a Gothic rail and different feet, and ornaments for the front. The other Chest has two designs; the one in the French taste, the other the Gothic. Either of the Chests, when executed, will look exceeding well; the mouldings and dimentions are all fixed to the designs.


Plate CII.

A high Cloaths-Press, with two drawers in the bottom part. The measures and mouldings are all specified.


Plate CIII (no 103)

A Commode Cloaths Press, with two different designs for the doors. B is the plan of the upper part, and A is the plan of the lower; the dimentions are all specified, and mouldings at large, with a sret to go round the upper part.


Plate CIV.

A Cloaths Press, with a Commode pedestal, and different ornaments for the corners and feet, and different doors for the top part. Within the doors fliding shelves are intended. The line A is the plan of the bottom part, and the line B is the plan of the upper part with a proper scale; the mouldings are at large on the right hand.


Plate CV.

A neat China Cafe, with glass-doors. The feet are cut through; the sretwork as glued upon the rail, and divided into three drawers at length; the sizes are all fixed to the design, and the mouldings at large on the right hand. The ends of the piece of work are intended to be the fame as the end doors. This design is to intelligible that it is needless to fay any more by way of explanation.


Plate CVI (No 106)

Plate CVI is a China Cafe with glass doors, and sretwork glued upon the pannels of the bottom doors. The sretwork upon the top part above the cornice is cut through. I have executed this design, and it looks much better than in the drawing. The sizes are all fixed to the work.


Plate CVIII.

Is a China Cafe with glass in the doors and ends. You have two different feet, which, with the rail, are all cut through. This design I have executed with great satisfaction to the purchaser. The mouldings and dimentions are all fixed to the drawings. This canopy projects more at the ends than in front, therefore the workman must have recourse to Plate LIX Fig I for the proper directions to execute it.


Plate CIX.

Is a very neat China Cafe upon a frame, with glass doors in the front and ends; the profile is on the right hand; betwixt the middle feet is a strecher, with a little canopy, which will hold a small figure. This design must be executed by the hands of an ingenious workman, and when neatly japann'd will appear very beautiful.


Plate CX.

Is a large China Cafe, with glass doors; the upper part, where the small columns are, is intended to be open; the profile is on the right hand, and the scale to take off the particulars. This design is calculated purely for holding china, or for some apartment, where it is frequently put. It will be needless to fay any thing in its praise, as I hope the design will in some measure recommend itself, both for use and ornament.

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