The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale


Plates XLI and XLII.

Plate XLI is a Bureau Dressing-Table with it dimentions and mouldings at large, ornamented with sretwork, C.
Plate XLII is for the same use; the dimentions are fixed to the design.

Chippendale desk
Chippendale bureau

Plate LII.

Is a Gothic Writing-Table, with one long drawer at the top, doors at each end, drawers in the inside, and a recess for the knees, as you see in the plan B; the columns are fixed to the door, and open with them; A is the whole plan; hhh,c. is the columns in the plan Cddd, c. E g is the plan of the Table top; ff is the plan of the mouldings ff, which go round the columns, the dimentions of every thing are specified to this design. This Table has been made more than once from this design, and has a better appearance when executed than in the drawing.

Chippendale Gothic writing table

Plates LIII. LIV. LV. LVI.

Are four Library-Tables, with proper dimentions fixed to each design; they are generally made with doors on one side of the Table, and upright sliding partitions, (to answer the different sizes of books) and drawers on the other side. Those Tables are fo plain and intelligible, that no more is needful to be said about them. The frequently stand in the middle of a room, which requires both sides to be made useful.

Chippendale library table
Chippendale library table
Chippendale library table
Chippendale library table

Plate LVII.

A library Table, with all its dimentions fixed to the design. You have two different doors and terms. This Table is intended to have circular doors at each corner, which may be made for convenience at pleasure.

Chippendale library table

Plate LVIII.

Plate LVIII is a Gothic Library Table, the corners canted, and a Gothic column is fixed at each corner; then that fixed upon the doors, and opens with them.

Chippendale Gothic library table

Plate no 49.

A Writing Table, the front feet to draw out, with a double rifing top, as in profile D; ee is the Table top, h is a horse that turns up; G is part of the front rail morticed into the foot, which draws out with the front, and parts at C; G is the end rail morticed into the foot, as you see by the prick'd line; a is the end of the drawer, with its grooves for the slider and bottm as at A in the plan; F is the turn'd column glued into the corner of the foot.

Chippendale library table

Plate no 50.

Is a Writing-Table, the front to draw out as the former; the feet parts at hhh, c. and come out with the front rail. A is the plan of the Table with its partitions; g is a quadrant drawer for ink, fand, c. D is the profile of the drawer-end; BB is the plan of the open part of the foot; ccc the plan of the moulding at the bottom; ff the projection of the Table top.

Chippendale library table

Plate no 51.

Is a Writing-Table, the two middle feet of which come out with the drawer; the drawer at each end are for sand, ink, paper, c. A is the plan of the Table; B is the flap that rises to write on if required; CB is the whole slider that slides in the drawer sides as in the profile; F and DD are the end drawers; E is the profile of the Table.

Chippendale library table
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