The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale


Plate XCI.

Is a plain Cabinet intended for Japan, the mouldings are all at large, and the sizes fixed to the design.

Chippendale cabinet

Plate XCII.(no 92)

Is a Cabinet with two different feet, and only one door; the other without the door shews the design of the inside; the mouldings are at large, and the dimentions fixed to the Cabinet; the work that is upon the door, is to be carv'd neatly out of thin stuff, and glued upon the pannel.

Chippendale cabinet

Plate XCIII.

Is a Chinese Cabinet with drawers in the middle part, and two different sorts of doors at each end. The bottom drawer is intended to be all in one; the dimentions and mouldings are all fixed to the design. This Cabinet, finished according to the drawing, and by a good workman, will, I am confident, be very genteel.

Chippendale Chinese cabinet


Is a Gothic Cabinet without doors; the sretwork at the bottom of the cabinet is intended for a drawer; the upper forms a sort of Gothic arches, supported by whole terms in the middle, and half-ones at the ends, and drawers betwixt. The shaded parts BBB are intended to be open, and sretwork on the edge of the shelves; the upper sretwork is cut through; the mouldings are at large on the right hand, and a scale to take off the particulars.

Chippendale Chinese cabinet

Plate XCV.

A Gothic Cabinet upon term feet; the middle is a door with columns glued to it; the doors and columns open together, and intended for glass. The ornaments and festoons upon the glass will look very well; the bottom drawer D is to be all in one, with two drawers above it; the other opening will hold Chinese figures, or any thing else that may be thought agreeable. CBA are mouldings at large, with a scale to take off the particulars. The whole, is justly finished, will make a handsome and elegant piece of furniture.

Chippendale Gothic cabinet
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