The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director.

By Thomas Chippendale



Is two Breakfast-Tables; the one has a streching rail, with feet canted and indented, the other has a shelf under the top with srets all round; the front is cut out for a recess for the knees, and two folding doors to open; the dimentions are fixed to the design.

Chippendale breakfast table


Is two China or Breakfast Tables, which will look extremely neat if well executed. AA are half the plans of the tops; bb are the srets to go round the tops; G is an ornament (if chofe) to go betwixt the feet of the table that has the term feet.

Chippendale Chinese breakfast table

Plate XXXV and XXXVI.

Are two Sideboard Tables, with their proper dimentions and mouldings at large, fo that there needs no farther explanation.

Chippendale sideboard table
Chippendale sideboard table


Are two Sideboard Tables, in plate XXXVII. I have Put double feet, which is sometimes required, and has a very good effect. The mouldings are at large, and the dimentions fix'd to the design. Plate XXXVIII has two different feet, which are both cut through, as likewise the rail; the dimentions are also to the design.

Chippendale sideboard table
Chippendale sideboard table

Plate XXXIX and XL.

Plate XXXIX is a Gothic Table with different feet, the one solid, the other cut thro'; the solid foot is on the right hand; A is the square foot, and bb, c. the rails morticed into the foot g; g is the plan of the moulding g; F e is the moulding for the top, drawn round the two front columns; F e in the plan D, is the moulding in the plan D, which goes round the frame; e is the small astragal which is turn'd upon the column.
Plate XL is a Sideboard Table with two different sorts of feet, the rail and feet all open, the mouldings at large on the right hand, the dimentions are fix'd to the design.

Chippendale Gothic sideboard table
Chippendale Gothic sideboard table
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